A Dog’s Life

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A Dog’s Life

by Michelle Laurie

Anyone who knows us knows that ‘whole family design’ is a common theme of all projects at Mahoney Architects and pets are a big part of that.

Our very own boxers, Sasha and Cody,  loll around the Mahoney Architects offices coming in and out as they please.

Building a home that is pet friendly is a serious business, and one that we take into consideration during the planning stages of both a new build and a renovation project.

Dog Friendly Entrance

A dog friendly entranceway will change your life – yes, it really will. A dog doesn’t know the meaning of ‘wait a minute, I’m putting my shoes on’ – he wants to get out the door as quickly as possible. So along with your own coats and shoes, have a place for leashes, dog toys, and yes, poo bags.

dog bowl                                                     photo source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/325525879292104540

Feeding Time

Dogs have a tendency to be a little overenthusiastic when the anticipation of a bowlful of chow becomes too much. They slobber, they spill, and they want more. Having built-in dog food storage and a designated feeding area in the kitchen keeps the mess contained to an area that will be quick to clean up. An easy to wipe floor is essential and keeping your dog’s food and treats in a locked cabinet will save you from cleaning up a nighttime raid courtesy of a hungry pet.

Ideally floors and surfaces should be easy to clean – that means no carpets. Regularly vacuuming area rugs and will keep the shedding hair to a minimum and help control any infestation of fleas – a problem that seems to be on the increase because of hotter weather and drought conditions. Faux leather sofas and chairs will help keep fleas to a minimum and are easy to clean.

Sleep Time

Dogs in bed? Our guilty pleasure – but they can take up a lot of space.

Bed-FrenchDoors copy

And having 100 pounds of extra love isn’t everyone’s idea of a restful night. Creating a space for your dog that is pleasing to the eye AND functional is the way to go.


And if you are truly serious about living side by side with your beloved four legged friends, you might consider integrating your furniture and doghouse. Korean designer Seungji Mun created this ‘Dog House Sofa’ of ash and fabric to ‘deliver the new space of communication between human and pet.” These two seem to agree.