A Walk With Nature – Colleen’s Biomimicry Bio-Blitz Walk

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A Walk With Nature – Colleen’s Biomimicry Bio-Blitz Walk

by Michelle Laurie

Photos by Colleen Mahoney

Many of us take a walk in the woods to get away from technology, to refresh our bodies, or maybe just to get a little exercise. Take a walk with Colleen Mahoney and you’ll discover a perspective on how we can be inspired to mimic nature’s perfect order.

Colleen has launched a series of regular BioBlitz walks in the Bay area and recently led a group of 25 people of all ages on a Biomimicry Walk through Redwood Regional Park in the Oakland Hills.

Nicolas Anxolabehere, son of Biomimicry Specialist, Colleen Mahoney – looking under every log!


Briar McLellan son of Biomimicry Specialist Ken McLellan – recording scavenger hunt sightings.

As Gaudi built the Sagrada Familia inspired by a snail’s shell, Colleen showed the group how we can be inspired by the natural world to reclaim our environmental health.

‘We made over 100 observations and recorded between 25 and 30 species, using the smartphone app iNaturalist,” Colleen says.   Anyone can use the app and make the  data available so scientists can use it for long term study  of plants and animals.

Mikhail Davis, Biomimicry Specialist, Director od Restorative Enterprise, Interface.


Colleen cites the redwood tree as one of the best examples of a Northern California ‘keystone’ species for the area. The tannins in the wood make redwood trees extremely bug resistant.  Using redwood as part of a green home is one way that Colleen brings her passion for the rich diversity of the bay area into her work. The bark of the redwood is a natural fire  repellant.


California Redwoods are a natural bug repellant and fire retardant.









The group also looked at fungus and moss that work together to survive and co-exist

Fungus and Moss working together to coexist.

As part of the Coastal Redwood Biomimicry Network, Colleen plans further walks every two to three months. Watch this space for more details!

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