Great Kitchens: At Home With America’s Top Chefs
by Ellen Whitaker, Colleen Mahoney and Wendy Adler Jordan

Great book about great kitchens
Reviewer: V. Anxolabehere

Architect and author Colleen Mahoney hit a grand slam with this book! We just finished remodeling our own kitchen and this book was indispensible. The only thing missing was Colleen’s expertise. We highly recommend visiting her website before you begin your project.

Excellent Kitchen Planning Book
  Reviewer: Annette Walker (Seattle, WA United States)

This is hands-down the best kitchen planning and design book I have seen. I learned so many things from it about picking materials, lighting, fixtures, sinks, layouts, etc. that my remodeled kitchen will be better because of it. I paged through endless books and magazines filled with lovely photos, but that lacked information or substance. This book stands out because it discusses pros and cons, budget tradeoffs made, the good decisions and “if-I-had-it-to-do-over-again” mistakes. These are kitchens put together by demanding professionals who won’t tolerate (bad)or lightweight materials that are hard to clean. I learned many lessons about flooring, countertops, backsplashes and so on that were never touched upon by other books. Sure there are appliances to drool over, but there are also chefs who ran out of money during the remodel, or bought factory seconds tile to save money. Real-life issues and lessons.

Great ideas and outstanding design in a beautiful book!
Reviewer: A reader

I recently purchased this book. Having been interested in Kitchen Design for a number of years, I thought I would maybe find a nice cabinet style for my ideas file. I was wrong. I couldn’t put this book down when I opened it. As other reviewers have mentioned, it features floorplans and beautiful pictures. I came away with plenty of new ideas to further develop the plan of my perfect kitchen.

From the grand workhorse kitchens of Perrier, Miller and Folse (my favorites) to the open living kitchens of McCarty and Dale, there are a vast array of kitchen styles and functions covered in this book. There are kitchens that use the Magic Triangle method, and those who use a restaurant-style function (Wet/Dry/Hot/Cold) layout, which I find more practical and was thrilled to see.

I would highly recommend this book to all people planning a kitchen, whatever the size. You are bound to get at least a dozen ideas to make your kitchen more space efficient, organized or just more beautiful!

The best kitchen design book…
Reviewer: Karen L. Vandusen “cloudpeak” (Woodinville, Washington United States)

Because we’re planning to remodel the kitchen, I’ve looked at many kitchen design books. This is the best one! It has great ideas. It has floor plans. The featured chefs even talk about the mistakes they think they made when they designed their kitchens. These are grand kitchens. Even if you want to do something more modest, you’ll appreciate the ideas in this book. We’ve all cooked in kitchens that are just plain badly designed. These kitchens were planned by people who really cook. If you don’t have a kitchen remodel in your future, put this book on your coffee table. Everyone will enjoy looking at it.

Have you ever wondered what the home kitchens of great chefs look like or how they are organized and laid out? Have you ever thought about which kitchen equipment the chefs consider essential, and what these culinary trendsetters like to cook when they’re not at work?

Great Kitchens is the result of an inspiring year spent visiting with some of the nation’s greatest chefs in their homes to answer these and other questions. The home kitchens of the 26 chefs in this book run the gamut from high-tech city townhouse to a cook-in fireplace in an ancient limestone farmhouse. These kitchens are alike only in the richness of knowledge, experience, good sense, and enthusiasm put into their creation.

A few trends emerged from the design diversity and wealth of ideas presented in the chef’s kitchens. Most of them favor a combined kitchen and dining area that works for family life as well as for entertaining. All 26 kitchens in this book are dazzling spaces designed to meet the needs of people who love to cook.