Man’s Best Friend

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Man’s Best Friend
thoughtful details in kitchen for pets

Whenever planning a kitchen remodel we need to plan for our pets.

Whenever planning a kitchen remodel we need to plan for our pets.  Aren’t most dogs underfoot in a kitchen?  Where is his water and kibble bowl?  Where are his kibbles stored?  Any wet food?  Every kitchen needs a nook or cranny where our pets can be fed.  And if we want to save some wear and tear on ourselves every day – then the pet food should be close by too.  Two dogs?   More food!

My family has a dog, two cats, two birds and a hamster.  So we need cabinet space dedicated to cans of food and bowls.  The dog will eat the cat food (yum!) so naturally we have to secret away the cat food.  And, those kitties also need to have their litter somewhere . . . and the do needs a dog door to go in and out . . .and the birds have a pretty big cage.  You get the picture, you’ve gotta plan for your critters or future critters

Feeding the pets in now on the list of things to do for the kids.  Finally, they are old enough to help but that also means that the dog food and cat food needs to be stored where they can reach it.  Sound like a lot to have to consider?  Well, this is exactly what a good architect should do!  We should be looking at needs unique to your family and to be sure the details work for you.

Bear is a golden retriever who likes to go swimming when he can.  When we remodeled the kitchen and family room for Bear and his family – Bear lost the specific space where his dog bed had been.  We knew that we needed a new nice warm corner where Bear could be close to his family and yet not underfoot.  We tucked in a great place for Bear’s new dog bed.  He seemed very happy!  He also get a special place downstairs where he can be rinsed off after a swimming outing, and then dried off.  Bear’s room also gives him a place he can come inside to get out of the rain without having the run of the whole house.

Brothers Mason and Dixon needed two BIG dog beds.  Better design the new master suite large enough for them!  Great Danes are very gentle and in spite of their size they don’t break things in a home.  But they do take up space!  Their dog food requirement involved easy places to store lots of kibbles and four big bowls: kibbles and water for each.  And treats.  Don’t forget the cookie bowl on the kitchen counter!

Cats.  We know they are a different story.  So stay tuned.



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