The Media Room & What to Consider

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The Media Room & What to Consider

From Grandiose to Intimate, What you need to know to create the perfect home theater and music room.

Home theater, man cave, music or media room, call it what you want but when you’re ready to create one of your own there are a few things to consider. Nowdays, with access to high quality media, it’s no surprise that many homeowners want to incorporate the perfect space to enjoy movies or music. I’ve worked on both large and small-scale home media/music rooms and have won a couple NARI awards in the process. Here are a handful of considerations I’ve gleaned, no matter what the scale.

  • Function – What exactly is the space going to be used for? Movies, live music, recordings? Is it going to be a totally separate room in your home or a multi-functional space like the family room? What good is a theater and music room for a piano if the piano won’t fit through the door? A few simple considerations make all the difference later on.
  • Acoustics – There are really two parts to this equation. How to separate the sound from the rest of the house and how to create the best acoustics possible in the room for listening to movies and or music. I recommend working with a highly regarded professional acoustic consultant to help walk you through everything necessary to achieve the desired result.
  • Lighting – or more specifically how to control it. Obviously a dark room is best for movies but natural light is wonderful when playing an instrument. In this case window with blackout liners may work best.
  • Integrating technology – Some folks want to showcase their new state of the art systems. Others want to tuck it away innocuously. Either way, designing adequate, ventilated storage is key. Taken a step further, integrated cabinetry can make an eye sore an architectural detail. Working with an company like Sound Vision, that specializes in the design and installation of home theater components will make a world of difference since they know how to create what you really want for your budget. Collaboration with the technical consultant ensures the final results will function as well as it looks.
  • Seamless Design –whatever your taste, the goal is to have a comfortable, usable space that integrates with the rest of the home, not an appendage to the house that looks like an afterthought. It’s all about the design. Making sure it fits and flows with the rest of the house and creates a welcoming feel that everyone will want to use.

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