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home is a nest

Here at Mahoney Architects & Interiors we love to create nests to support your family.

Welcome to our blog!

Our Mahoney Architects & Interiors blog is created to share our sense of wonder in the process of home design and home building.  Over the next months we hope to engage you in a conversation all about homes . . . about new products, about energy conservation, about home design and philosophy.

When building a nest, birds follow nest-building blueprints in their brains and instinctively know how to build the perfect structure to hold their eggs.  American Robins live up to 12 years and build 20 or even 30 nests over their lifetimes.  They are real building experts!  The perfect robin nest must serve as a snug baby cradle to keep the eggs and babies warm, dry, and safe . . . with room for a parent to hunker down to incubate the young.

Lets think about our human nest.  First we must find a suitable building site.  We want to be protected from the sun, wind and rain.  We think about our location relative to security – are we in a safe neighborhood?  Our feathered friends are looking for a location that will have good food and fresh water nearby and so do we.

Each nest is a work of art incorporating materials found close by.  A nest must be strong in structure to endure the elements. It must be camouflaged to blend in with its setting.  It must cradle the eggs and newly hatched baby birds to keep them warm and dry.  So, we need to think about building materials: grass fibers, twigs, maybe even mud.  It takes a pair of robins hundreds of visits to build a nest.  Plan on a little patience when undertaking the building of a new nest!

With your materials you will make many decisions selecting each blade of grass, each twig and weaving them together into a work of art.  Finally you will have a nest tight and snug enough to cradle your family.  Here at Mahoney Architects & Interiors we love to create nests to support your family.





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