• Tiburon Home

    Tiburon Home

    Contemporary Tiburon home with views of the San Francisco Bay is a great place to install this glass railing system to maximize the view.

  • Mediterranean to the Bay

    Mediterranean to the Bay

    Bringing the Mediterranean to the Bay.

  • Contemporary Tiburon Home

    Contemporary Tiburon Home

    This contemporary Tiburon home is off the grid with full photovoltaics and solar hot water.

  •  Spanish Tile Roof

    Spanish Tile Roof

    Mediterranean style home with a Spanish tile roof on the Bay in Tiburon.

  • Artisan Tile

    Artisan Tile

    Artisan tile adds to the charm of this Mediterranean style home.

  • Breathtaking views of San Francisco

    Breathtaking views of San Francisco

    Breathtaking views of San Francisco from this Tiburon Mediterranean classic make outdoor living a must

  • Arched windows

    Arched windows

    Arched windows and clay tile roof make this Mediterranean charmer a Tiburon favorite.

  • Chimney Cap

    Chimney Cap

    Spanish style chimney cap coupled with artisan pottery make for authentic Mediterranean details.

  • Vertical board

    Vertical board

    Vertical board and batten siding with a metal roof give this wine country home an contemporary edge.

  • Trellis Construction

    Trellis Construction

    Trellis construction make this porch a pleasant place to get out of the wine country sun.

  • Stone Patio

    Stone Patio

    Trellis over this stone patio make an inviting entrance.

Integrating The Outdoors

We’re lucky. Here in The Bay Area we live in one of the most beautiful natural environments in the world. So it seems fitting that we specialize in bringing some of that natural beauty into our residential home designs.  Our approach allows for a natural integration of inside and out.