Space to Grown On – Kid Friendly Homes

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Space to Grown On – Kid Friendly Homes

by: Michelle Laurie

photos by: Paige Greene


Children’s areas of the home are no longer reduced to the bedroom. Depending on the size of  your space, there are many ways to think creatively to make areas of the house kid-friendly.

Let’s Start with Bedrooms.

The bedroom  often doubles as a play area, and the key to this space for play is storage for all the stuff that parents don’t want want to see in the family room.

Great storage is essential to keep everything very organized and uncluttered so play can happen. A well designed bedroom can be altered as your child grows, with spaces that can go from Lego building areas to homework and project areas.

Kid’s Bathrooms

We like bathrooms for kids that are less formal, with lots of mirrored space and lots of light to make a cheery place to get cleaned up.

Good quality cabinets are a must – they need to stand up to heavy use and double sinks are a great idea if you have the space, especially to avoid sibling squabbles.



Kid Friendly Kitchens:

Let’s face it, the key to every good family home is the kitchen. A kitchen counter with stools is a great place for kids to snack, do homework, or help with food preparation.


In the Hartung family house, the outside areas are integrated into the center of the house construction, creating a light and airy patio that the children use interactively.

Like many families, the Schoen family, wanted an open plan kitchen and family room so everyone can find a place to eat, read, or play a game.


Whatever the size of your family or future family, it pays to think of each space as a play area – whether your kids are tiny babies or strapping teenagers. Comfortable, well-lit spaces with lots of storage amkes family life inviting, calm, and most of all, cohesive.