Thinking of Building a Media Room? Plan Ahead.

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Thinking of Building a Media Room? Plan Ahead.

The kitchen used to be known as the heart of the home but in the 21st century, we see more and more of our clients asking us to create a dedicated entertainment or media room. They want a place where the family can spend time relaxing, watching a movie together, listening to music or playing computer games.

As technology becomes so prevalent in our lives, having a space for media can become a big investment – it’s much more than a big screen and a couple of speakers.

But if you think strategically and plan ahead, you can have a flexible space that works as your family needs change. Before building a media room, you need to think carefully.

Think carefully about how do you want to use the space? Are you looking to carve out a space that is a separate from the rest of your home will there be an integration of media throughout the home or just in one room?

We work a lot with Scott Sullivan, founder of SoundVision who says ‘the only wrong decision is the decision you didn’t make.’ Scott comes into a project early with us, figuring out the space plan for the proposed room. We might decide together what the proportions of the room will be, thinking about how sound carries throughout the house and if we need to design a way to deaden that sound.

The layout of the room depends on how many people are going to be using it. Scott says he looks at the traffic patterns of the room, the acoustics and how the space is going to be used.

‘Most of the time people design the space around the tv and it becomes a focal point of the room. They might want to put the tv above the fireplace but there’s a height issue. If the tv is too high and too big, it can be uncomfortable to watch.” Scott says.

This amazing media room, built for an audiophile who is also a concert pianist, was based around the owner’s two baby grand pianos.


We didn’t want the tv to dominate the room and worked closely with Scott to create an inviting space that was dual-purpose.  The client already had existing Wilson speakers so we put in a high definition projector that drops out of the sofit. The projector is built into the sofit on the opposite side of the room, getting rid of unsightly wires and cables.  The big media recliner chairs make the television end of the room comfortable and inviting, while the ceiling was created to optimize the sound.