Three Things to Consider When Building an Entertainment Area

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Three Things to Consider When Building an Entertainment Area

Title: Three Things To Think About When Building an Entertainment Area

by: Michelle Laurie

1.  Plan for Future Technology

With changing technologies come changing needs. Twenty years ago we couldn’t predict that our world would be wireless, but now everything in new homes is reliant on a strong internet connection. Do you have a competent network to run multiple wireless devices, in different parts of a home?

Where we used to build cabinets for record and cd collections, now streaming is the norm, but it’s important to think about where you’re going to put all those iPads, iPods, and laptops and where are you going to charge them? We have created central collection cabinets where this hardware lives, keeping everyone organized and cutting down the stress of losing these items in under the couch cushions.

Alternative energy sources are the norm therefore we encourage new-home builders to put charging stations in the garage for electric vehicles.


2. Plan ahead for a Changing Family

Many of our clients are young couples with one child and/or another on the way.  There may be new additions to the family, in the form of children or elderly parents who come to live in the home.  Does the sound system work for your family as it changes?

With technology changing at lighting speed, it’s difficult to keep up with what you may or may not want in the future. You don’t want to set up a room that doesn’t work five years from now.   You may have toddlers now and feel you want a media room right next to the kitchen, is the room still adaptable to function as a gathering place for teenagers?

1. Plan For Annoyances

You know those little things that irritate you about your space? Like having to dig deep into the couch to find the one remote control that you’ve lost? Or a coffee table that’s in the way and you keep banging your knee?  We work with clients to plan ahead.  Plan a cabinet for all your components and gadgets. Imagine yourself in the space, doing what you love, whether that’s sitting with friends watching a movie, playing a family board game, or just snuggling down in a comfortable sofa listening to music.  With a little planning in advance, the space can work for all of your needs.